Topic Overview

05: Managing Media

It’s time to get into the juicier HTML elements. This topic, you’ll begin exploring the basic building blocks of page design, and be introduced to some multi-part elements, including images, audio/video, and iframes.

When thinking about the sites you often visit, images are probably the first memorable element that comes to mind, but there are also other media types used in web development. As designers, we need to consider how and when to add media, what filetypes to use, their file sizes, and what code element works best for each specific situation.

This is the last Topic where we will look at HTML elements in depth. At the point you should be comfortable with:

  1. The basics of HTML, including:
    • Elements and tags
    • Empty elements
    • Attributes
  2. The basic structure of an HTML Document:
    • The 4 main document elements
    • The purpose of the <head> and <body> elements.
  3. Structural vs. semantic elements
  4. Linking to other files (i.e. pages and images)
  5. Keeping proper and organized code

This week we will be wrapping up our unit on HTML by looking at three groups: additional structural elements, metadata, and media.

By the end of this Topic, we hope you:

  • Have experimented with using <div>s to structure the contents of your pages.
  • Understand how media is placed and accessed on the internet (hosted vs. streaming).
  • Source and reference outside materials directly within your site pages.