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Since this course is so rooted in community, it’s only fitting we try to provide as many resources as we can. But your greatest resource will be, in fact, each other.

The BA Lab (McGill 127)

Missoula-based students are welcome (and encouraged) to utilize the BA Lab located on the University of Montana main campus. Staffed by graduate candidates and open to all takers of this course, the BA Lab is a one-to-one hands-on resource where you can get help, feedback, or critique before turning assignments in.

Use this campus map for directions.


When available, you can send messages or live chat with us at the UMMediaArts Slack Channel. Registration is free with your e-mail address.

We will be using Slack for screen-sharing, meaning we can have direct interaction with your work and can help in real-time remotely. Please schedule with us via e-mail to set up a live meeting.

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