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"MART340 Online Introduction"

Let’s Begin:
Finding the Principle of the Matter

two characters discussing shapes This course is designed to help students gain the skill sets necessary to successfully create work in the constantly evolving digital environment. It covers the fundamentals of interactive website elements, prototyping, and game development, with a focus on evaluating user testing and addressing user challenges in these media. Our journey covers a lot in very little time, studying the principles of interactive experiences and the group processes that make them successful.


This course will use two main resources for you to complete your homework.


Homework is divided into three activity types:

  1. “Group Think” Forums - Discussions regarding the materials found on this website.
  2. Labs - Small exercises or responses to writing prompts.
  3. Topic Projects & Workshops - 3 creative projects which ask you to expand on a lab in your own, creative way.


Moodle will contain all your assignments for the semester. You will use it to access “Group Think” forums, labs, and Workshops. It will also be where grades are recorded, and where you can communicate with your Instructor and TA.

Course Website

This website is the main repository for your learning materials. While there may be additional questions or prompts posted on Moodle, the majority materials you’ll encounter will be through this website.

Above you should see a gray navigation bar which breaks up these pages into three main areas: “explore,” “viewing,” and “lab.” You can use this navbar to move about the page at any time.


The “exploration” section of each topic contains the majority of the learning materials. These are readings, writings, videos, and presentations. This area will introduce the main content, and feed into the Lab.

“Group Think” forums will ask your opinions or experiences with this material, so please explore and enjoy!


You’ll also use “viewings” to formulate your “Group Think” responses!

Each week we will view a short or full film, generally around an hour long. You will need access to NetFlix to view several episodes of Abstract, which steps inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines to learn how design impacts every aspect of life.

Meet Don Norman, a man we’ll discuss over the IXD and UXD modules. Can you relate to his way of viewing design?

The 3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy, feat. Don Norman (2003)


Labs are usually step-by-step guides to teach you the creative technologies used in the course. These include Adobe XD and Muse, and Unity.

Most topics you’ll have a lab and respective tutorial. You will turn in functioning clones of the projects discussed. In exchange, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the software further during Projects.


A Project will ask you to add to a past lab in your own way. For example:

For your web Project, create two additional site pages to sell the product, focusing on usability and branding. Some inclusions to consider:

  • Pre-order or purchasing form
  • Customer reviews or comments
  • Further product specs or customization
  • Other pages gleaned from your own research

Your pages should fit within the brand of the site (colors, patterns, typography), be easily accessible, and enhance the integrity of the product.